Mighty People

The mission of the Mighty People is to eradicate Marine suicide.

The Problem

U.S. Marine suicide deaths 

Active duty (2022)61 

Reserve (2022)

Veteran (2020) 664 


*This number is an approximation due to insufficient data reporting.

The Solution

Mighty people Ranch


MPR will be a Mecca for Marines. Imagine a place where Marines can truly be themselves, finding solace and support, an alternative to the pain. With your generous donations, we aim to purchase land for this crucial purpose. Our vision is to establish a safe haven where those who feel trapped can find hope and a way forward.

The bond that Marines forge is unbreakable, built on the values of honor, courage and commitment. At MPR, Marines will have the freedom to come and go as they please, whether to rehabilitate or to find a permanent place of belonging.

MPR will be exclusively for Marines, fostering an environment of genuine understanding and providing a sanctuary free of judgment. Just as no Marine is left behind on the battlefield, no Marine will be left alone in their struggles at MPR. Together, we can create a Holy Land where the spirit of Semper Fidelis thrives, ensuring that no Marine feels forgotten or without support.

Join us in this vital mission and let us stand united in our commitment to our fellow Marines.

How you can help